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Planning won for Winchester’s largest social housing scheme

Thursday, July 27th, 2017

Snug have just won planning permission for Winchester City Council’s largest affordable housing scheme. The project consists of 76 new affordable homes at The Valley in Stanmore and forms part the council’s ambitious New Homes Delivery programme. The scheme was unanimously approved at Committee with councillors commending both the innovative design and the consultation process.

The scheme provid​​​​​​es a mixture of 2 and 3 bedroom houses and 1, 2 and 3 bedroom flats. The site nestles into the steeply sloping topography of The Valley and creates a new edge to the existing park landscape. The buildings are positioned in response to existing and proposed patterns of movement through the site, serving to reinforce views and vistas. The design utilises Snug’s theory of Shrink Wrapped Function to reduce the perceived scale of the buildings, soften their impact on the landscape and relate well to the human scale. The approach to the buildings form and appearance is derived from a contextual analysis of the existing Stanmore estate’s arts and crafts vernacular and results in a significant new development that sits comfortably in its setting.

The application was developed through a comprehensive process of public engagement with the local commun​​ity and will deliver much needed affordable housing for the city by realising the potential of an under-utilised open space.

This is going to be an exciting new addition to an established estate that balances design innovation with contextual sensitivity. It is great to have been part of a development that delivers housing whilst also making meaningful enhancements to the landscape in which it sits.

Milford-on-Sea Beach Huts ready for occupation

Thursday, May 18th, 2017
Milford-on-Sea Beach Huts and Public Realm Improvements 
The Milford-on-Sea Beach Huts and Public Realm Improvements at have now been completed.
After the original terrace of beach huts were severely damaged in a huge storm on Valentine’s Day 2014, New Forest District Council agreed to replace the 119 beach huts and, following our involvement, took the decision to use the opportunity to improve Milford’s seafront for residents and visitors.
The brief was to design identical replacement huts that could withstand a 1:200 year storm event. Critical constraints were; there could be no increase in the height or change to the location of the huts. Through engagement with the public and a public exhibition, attended by over 600 local residents, we were able to establish support for significant enhancements to the project. The most significant was moving the promenade onto the roof. This has opened up a whole new waterfront experience, visitors now able to enjoy uninterrupted views  of the coastline and the Needles. This increase in the area of upper prom then allowed us to move the beach huts further back, away from the sea, reducing their exposure, widening the lower prom and increasing the space available for beach hut owners.
The new huts are very robust, constructed of concrete c-sections with precast graphic concrete front panels and marine ply doors. The beach hut owners were presented with a carefully selected pallet of colours to choose from for their new doors. Our objective was to achieve vibrant highlights of yellow and pink against a predominantly blue back drop. The challenge was how to achieve this whilst having no control over peoples individual colour choices. To achieve this we banked on blue being peoples favourite choice. To ensure this would become the dominant colour we provided a choice of vibrant pint, a zesty yellow and a subtly distinctive lime green as well as two shades of blue. The result was a randomly selected colour scheme that achieved exactly what we were hoping.
In addition to these primary moves, the scheme also benefits from a number of more subtle marginal gains. By narrowing the party walls we have been able to shorten the overall length so that one whole terrace of huts could be removed from the most exposed section of the waterfront. This has the added benefit of opening up new views, and along a greater extent of the promenade.

A walkway with handrails has been installed along the tops of the beach huts, with connecting bridges between sections of terraces enabling pedestrians to enjoy the spectacular Solent views from an elevated position. Steps up to the rooftop walkway from the rear upper promenade double as extra seating for visitors, interspersed with benches.A galvanised steel ramp now curves around the World War II pillbox at the western end of the site and concrete ramps have been installed to give wheelchair users and pushchairs access to both promenades.

Construction techniques more common to civil engineering projects were employed to create structures designed to withstand the conditions. Pre-cast concrete sections form the body of the huts. The design is softened by concrete front panels featuring a range of coastal-inspired designs from pebbles to Keyhaven River and the Needles. A new sea wall has also been incorporated into the rear of the huts to improve the coastal defences.

The project is an exercise in concrete design and the use of a bespoke Reckli formwork liner allowed us to create a bespoke piece of public artwork on the end of each terrace, adjacent to the improved access steps.

The project was managed by a project team made up of NFDC councillors and officers along with representatives of Milford Parish Council and the New Forest Beach Hut Owners’ Association.Engineering consultancy Ramboll UK Ltd led the design development of the scheme for NFDC, appointing Totton-based Snug Architects to develop the vision. Importantly, early design ideas were shared with the public and their views taken into consideration when the project team selected the preferred design.

Damian Westlake of Ramboll UK Ltd, who led the design team said “We were delighted to have the opportunity to design and supervise this interesting and challenging scheme. The design started with an aspiration to enhance the waterfront, provide robust beach huts and meet the needs of beach hut users, local people and visitors. Through close working with NFDC, project stakeholders and latterly with Raymond Brown Construction Ltd, we believe that the new beach huts and promenade areas have been designed and constructed in a way that fully realises this aspiration.

Following design development and public feedback the scope of the scheme expanded to include improving the public areas around the beach huts, which resulted in an increase in the original budget which had been based on like for like replacement. A budget of £1.26million was allocated in 2014 for the like for like replacement of 119 beach huts at Milford-on-Sea. The scheme expanded to include improvements to the public areas around the huts, resulting in a total investment in the seafront and 119 replacement beach huts of £2.36million. This includes £430,000 contributed to the rebuild costs by the owners of the 119 beach huts.

Raymond Brown Construction of Ringwood, began construction in September 2016 and completed the build on schedule. Kevin Valentine, Divisional Director for Raymond Brown Construction said: “It has been a pleasure to work with New Forest District Council on this project. Our team has worked diligently to deliver the scheme in time for the summer season and fully in line with expectations. I know we are all proud of the end result and hope the community and visitors alike will enjoy the new facilities”. 

 The result is a subtle transformed and highly distinctive new waterfront for both the beach hut owners, residents and visitors at Milford-on-Sea. The project is also an exercise in how sea defences can be effectively inhabited. The integration of sea wall, beach huts and promenade into a single integrated entity has resulted in significant added value and is a case study of how our coastlines could be transformed in an age of climate change.
Paul Bulkeley, Snug’s Design Director sums it up: “This is a great example of what can happen when you have an open minded client and dynamic collaboration between architect and engineer. This is how we will best solve societies emerging challenges. Together we were able to transform what was a disaster for the hut owners into an opportunity for all.”

Unanimous approval at Milford-on-sea Beach Huts

Tuesday, January 24th, 2017

There was unanimous approval of the emerging Milford-on-sea Beach Huts following the stakeholder site visit this week. Senior representatives of the council and the beach hut owners association visited the site to review the partially complete proposals. There was particular satisfaction in the quality of both the graphic concrete and Reckli end panels, both of which, it was agreed, will contribute significantly to the quality of the public realm. We are looking forward to seeing the project completed in the spring.

Inspiring discussions with the LICC

Saturday, March 5th, 2016

LICC kingdom business

It was an inspiration to join Roland Reim and Mark Collinson from Winchester Cathedral in discussions with the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity’s Executive Director,  Mark Greene, and his team. For me, with my Business Champion for Churches Together in Winchester hat on, it was an opportunity to learn more about their resources and hear from their experience of helping people transform their work into a fruitful vocation. We are developing a short course that helps business leaders realise the potential for business to be a source of peace and prosperity in their community. Following a pilot in Lesotho next month we will be inviting local church, charity and business leaders to join the discussion in the Spring.

Milford-on-Sea Beach Hut’s win planning approval

Friday, January 29th, 2016

Snug architects_milford-on-sea beach huts- Storm_C

Following the Valentine Day storms 2014 the beach huts at Milford-on-Sea where destroyed. Snug Architects and Ramboll where selected to come up with proposals for the 120 replacement beach huts. We are delighted to announce that our proposal has now received planning permission.

The proposal is designed to withstand a 1 in 200 year storm event. Project director, Paul Bulkeley, said ‘This level of robustness required concrete construction, and allowed us to propose the inhabitation of the roof space.’ The result is a wider promenade, enhanced views of the sea for visitors and significant improvements to the public realm.

The project has attracted significant public interest. Extensive public engagement, including a one day event that was attended by over 500 local people, has helped to shape the final design.

The images below, prepared in conjunction with Darcstudio give a feel for the design and what it might be like if the weather was to turn nasty! The project is due for completion late 2016.

16.01.21 Sunset A Edited

16.01.27_View2_A Edited

16.01.28 View1_D

Great Public Consultation at Milford-on-Sea

Thursday, September 10th, 2015

Milford Beach Huts-Storm-Jan 2014-Sky News (1)

The feedback from our public consultation event for the Milford-on-Sea Beach Hut proposals is now in and makes for encouraging reading. Here is a taste of some of the comments received from the 600+ visitors. Overwhelmingly positive and constructive. Very encouraging….

My initial thought is that the consideration of other uses of the beach, not just the owners of the huts, have been taken into account.

Very impressed by the attempts to reconcile the view aspect with the views of the hut owners

Well done! – from a constrained brief it is great to see some really exciting and contemporary ideas.

I thought that Snug’s achievements in a relatively brief period were very impressive and Paul’s presentation of an excellent standard.

Yes, very good presentation by the architect . A good choice of options . Look very much forward to seeing them put into place.

A very forward looking set of designs ,well done .

Delighted to see that the consultants have given serious thought as to improving the sea front as well as dealing with beach hut owners concerns.

Very good open afternoon. Thank you.

 A very good presentation, interesting to see the thinking that goes into this project.  

I was favourably impressed with the presentation and have confidence in this team to go ahead with redevelopment as proposed         

It would appear that considerable thought has been given to both the beach hut owners, local residents and also visitors to the Milford beach.  

The ideas are very good. Milford traditions have been kept whilst bringing the sea front into the 21st century.   

I was pleased to see the amount of thought that had gone into the outline designs, and impressed by some of the proposals which would be a distinct improvement on the old beachhuts.

Really impressed – much better than what I expected.

I was impressed and feel optimistic, not only for our beach huts but for all the general public.  I think it will be a credit to Milford sea front.

In general the options presented are more imaginative than expected and if there have to be huts at all are a reasonable stab at improving what went before .

I was most impressed with the design concepts which I am sure will improve what is one of the charms of Milford.  I look forward to seeing then built, so please hurry up so that we can enjoy them all next summer.   

Thanks to all those who took the time to comment. Now we need to get on and deliver….

Milford-On-Sea beach hut plans go on show

Tuesday, August 18th, 2015

150810 - Public presentation boards - Ply

Milford-on-sea beach huts options


Milford-On-Sea- beach huts contemporary

P611 - Curved ramp - view from low prom

Our initial ideas and options for the Milford-On-Sea beach huts were presented to the public at a well attended exhibition at the local community centre. Over 600 people attended the one day event. A copy of the exhibition and video of our presentation as well as a copy of the questionnaire can be found at –

We were very encouraged with the positive response and productive comments and suggestions. Once all the comments are processed they will form a helpful basis on which we will progress the design. We were also delighted to see the proposals made the BBC news. See –

Milford-on-Sea Beach Huts

Friday, July 24th, 2015

Milford-on-sea_beach hut replacement_ modern beach huts


Snug Architects and Ramboll have won the bid to design the replacement beach huts at Milford-on-Sea. We are looking forward to working closely with Ramboll and New Forest District Council to develop a design that enhances the waterfront experience for beach hut owners and visitors. Our approach will balance visual elegance, sitting comfortably with the surroundings, and the need for a robust and durable solution that can withstand future storms and wave impacts.

The project was triggered by the destruction resulting from the February 2014 storm event shown below.

milford-on-sea storm event

2014 February storm damage


More information can be seen at


Stanmore consultation event

Thursday, February 6th, 2014

Public consultation

The presentation of our proposals for public realm improvements to Woolford and Wilberforce Close in Stanmore were well received. A good number of local residents and stakeholders attended the evening presentation. It is hoped that a planning application will be submitted in the coming weeks.


Poynton Shared Space

Saturday, December 14th, 2013

The new shared space at Poynton has finally demonstrated that the half century grip of the car over our public realm is coming to an end. If a major junction on a trunk road can become a shared space so can most of the junctions in every town. Its time to reclaim the streets for people. Not only does the traffic flow better at Poynton, the public can also cross whenever they want and the pavements have increased by 100%. Well done to the councillors and officers for having the courage to see this project through and to the consultants for making is a success. This link to the video on the project is well worth a look. Inspiring stuff. –

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