Bartlett Arboretum

A new research and visitor facility for a private arboretum

Snug Architects were appointed by Bartlett Tree Experts to develop a landscape led design for a private arboretum and associated research buildings. The project seeks to create a beautiful vibrant arboretum which will assist Bartlett Tree Experts in showcasing their skills and passion for trees.

We worked with ward-winning Landscape Architects Harris Bugg Studio to develop a landscape led master-plan for the site. The organisation of the landscape zones has been inspired by tree rings and the internal morphology of a tree. The outer ring along Beech Hill Road involves the planting of a diverse arboretum, the inner ring provides research planting beds and at the centre the existing woodlands are restored. As part of the arboretum a research building will be provided with laboratory, offices and lecture auditorium. The building has been designed to sensitively integrate into the proposed arboretum and landscape. Careful consideration has been given to the form of the proposed building to ensure it sits in harmony with the existing and proposed woodland.

The building derives its conceptual logic from a leaf found at the site.

This informed the distribution of the built elements on the site, which are linked by a curved spine of circulation.

"We have been working with Snug on a major development project for our new site and buildings near Reading, it has consistently been a pleasure to work with everyone at Snug. They have demonstrated professionalism at every stage of the design process and are clearly a highly competent team. We have a team of over 20 consultants, contractors, advisors and Snug Architects have worked flawlessly to keep all the plates spinning and the project moving forward. Crucial for me has been having a team who understands our aims and ethos and a team I can trust to give me good advice and make good decisions at all stages of the design process, this has been the case since well before day one. I can’t recommend Snug Architects highly enough."

Jon Banks, Client Rep

The entrance is approached through the existing woodland and forms a threshold into the new arboretum

The materials pallet echos the tones and colours of the arboretum through the seasons

The building delivers 775m2 of new research facilities for Bartlett Tree Experts new arboretum in Reading. The project will achieve BREEAM Excellent.

“Our Outdoor Classroom... A Thought-provoking living museum... A showcase for a range of species and cultivars...”

Bartlett Tree Experts