A values driven

Our mission is to design better
places and prosper people.

It is both a privilege and a responsibility to design the places where life unfolds. Well-designed places make a real difference to people’s lives.

We want people to love where they live. That is why we work hard to make buildings and places better. Good design should fit the people and places it is designed for. At Snug we design locally distinctive modern architecture that responds creatively to its context. We call it ‘spectacular vernacular’. It is not so much a style as an approach to design that applies what we have observed to be successful.

We are highly creative designers who trust intuition and the power of a good idea. We recognise however, that great places are also hard won through a process of dedicated refinement and teamwork. This is why we created the image of the rhino and the bird. It reminds us that we are successful through collaboration.

We are both design led and commercially savvy, committed to adding value by design. We have an established reputation for both designing and delivering quality and have been privileged to have won a range of awards, including a Civic Trust Award, British Construction Industry Award and an Architecture Masterprize.

“Both our process and our product prosper people; socially,
environmentally, financially and spiritually.”

We want both our clients and our team to prosper. Both our process and our product prosper people; socially, environmentally, financially and spiritually. We also seek a healthy and sustainable work-life balance.

Above all, we recognise that this is your project. We promise to listen to you and will seek to align values, so that we can help you fully realise the potential of your project. We want our designs to fit our clients 'snugly'. That is why we are called Snug...

Our Values

Value #1

Love where you live

We are motivated by a love for the people and places where we work. We want all our clients to love both the process of working with us and the spaces and places we create.

Value #2

Align Value

We seek to prosper all those who work with us and work hard to add value for our clients. To do this successfully we recognise that our efforts must align with our client’s priorities. We can only do this effectively when our values align.

Value #3

Realise Potential

We have an entrepreneurial spirit. We aren't afraid to do things differently and we work hard to realise the full potential of every opportunity. We have a reputation for unlocking value by design.