The ultimate Snug Project goes to planning

After several months of positive pre-planning negotiations with the LPA our revised proposal for a 2 bedroom house on a small site in the Winchester Conservation Area has been submitted to planning. This is probably the best Snug Project yet.

The house is sat behind a garden wall with only a low bronze copper roof set back and floating over the wall. The plan wraps around front and rear courtyards and through a dynamic interlocking of inside and outside living spaces achieves a remarkably spacious internal environment filled with natural light and views of the park and sky. Reducing impact on the context has been a key design constraint. By excavating the master bedroom half a floor into the ground, only the living room pops up on to a half height first floor. This allows the existing boundary wall to form a balustrade to a small balcony and ensures a balance between open views and privacy for the occupants. We believe the proposal is an exemplary example of how to integrate contemporary modern living on small sites in historic contexts. We will keep you updated on progress as the scheme goes through the planning process.