Congratulations Enhabit

Enhabit logo Congratulations to the team at Enhabit on the launch of their new brand and website. We love it and have enjoyed playing a small part in helping you get to this point. In their own words: 'Formed in 2010, Green Tomato Energy was set up with the idea of doing something about our millions of energy-inefficient buildings. There was, and still is, a massive amount of public interest in energy efficiency and the last five years have seen us help many people in achieving their aspirations for a low energy home. We have completed well over 400 projects and estimate that we have helped reduce the UK’s overall emissions by more than 1000 tonnes of carbon dioxide to date. Our completed projects will continue to save over 400 tonnes of CO2 every year from today. That’s the equivalent of taking 30 car journeys from London to Manchester off the road every single day. We’re hugely proud of what Green Tomato Energy has achieved. But over the past couple of years we’ve realised that to ensure a project actually delivers the planned energy efficiency and comfort benefits, we have to take end to end responsibility. This is what Enhabit has been created to do; to ensure that what was envisaged at the beginning is what gets built. Enhabit takes our experience as consultants, project managers and engineers to deliver what people really want: comfortable and efficient homes that simply work.'