Collaborative working on Kings Barton, Phase 3A

We have been privileged to work with JTP Architects on a number of significant collaborations in recent years. The most recent is Phase 3Ai and 3Aii of the 2000 unit urban extension to Winchester at Kings Barton. Both practices, and our client, Cala Homes, believe in the value of collaborative working. We believe it enriches the creative process and allows each practice's particular strengths and approaches to come to bear on the project. This ensures genuine diversity and something greater than the sum of the parts is achieved. It is also a thoroughly enjoyable and productive way to work.

The project comprises two unconnected phases with quite different contexts and challenges. Snug focused on masterplanning the smaller Phase 3Ai and designing the apartments within both phases, while JTP focused on the larger phase 3Aii and the house types. We both worked collaboratively through a series of charretes with the client team to collectively refine the look and feel. This developed a strong sense of place.