A Vision for Winchester

Last night Snug Projects architects presented their vision for the future of new housing in Winchester, Hampshire. The presentation was to councillors and officers from Winchester City Council. It was well received with positive comments coming in this morning, 'Congratulations, your presentation last night was excellent and it gets better and better! It also seemed to get a good reception which is excellent and gives us more to build on'. That is what we now need to do, see it built. We are passionate about the potential of these ideas to transform the city and want to see them realised. The next challenge is how to maintain this momentum. We will now be working with WINACC, City of Winchester Trust and other architects in the city to continue promoting the ideas, building wider public support and a strategy for delivery. To see the full presentation please go to: http://www.slideshare.net/paulbulkeley/snug-projects-a-vision-for-winchester-2020