2013 Review

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2013 was a good year. It was the year the America's Cup AC72's took sailing to another level. It felt a little like that at Snug. Things have definitely gone to another level.

This was the year we celebrated our first decade. It has been a decade where every year of trading was our best year of trading. We feel very grateful, to all our clients and the hard working team, both past and present, that make Snug such a great place to work.

At the start of the year we moved to new premises, close to the train station in Winchester. The additional space has given us room to expand and already we have filled the space with two new members of staff, taking the team to eight.

The year really felt like the end of one era and the beginning of the next. Our core business remains the creation of special places to live, but the scale is changing and we feel privileged to be working with families, developers and communities to help create places and spaces that people love.

It was also a year were awards, like buses, all came at once. It was satisfying to have four projects shortlisted for awards, three local and one national. Although the recognition of our industry is encouraging, it cannot beat the satisfaction of happy clients and a contented team and it is that which we will continue to work hard for in 2014.