Completed in 2003, this project was an exercise in space maximisation on a micro-site measuring only 10m x 10m. Shechem comprises two semi-detached one bed properties with off road parking. The site sits at the end of a former garden and touches three boundaries. Despite the many constraints, the plot was a rare opportunity to create smaller dwellings within the city. The scheme resulted from a rich design process starting from poems/sketches exploring the meaning of ‘home’. Reducing the perceived impact of the development whilst expressing the clients taste for the contemporary soon emerged as the main design consideration.

By setting the houses into the slope and placing the second floor within an asymmetrical pitched roof, the volume of the building appeared reduced whilst maximising the internal accommodation and maintaining strong reference to the context. The brief put a high emphasis on maximising the use of space and attention to detail. These factors led to a commendation in the City of Winchester Trust Awards and a record sales price per square foot within the Winchester district. The project embodies much of Snug’s approach to adding value through design & set an influential precedent for high quality infill.