We believe in the value of effective public consultation. We are good at delivering dynamic and engaging public consultation events that build consensus and engender support for development. We have a reputation for delivering highly effective and engaging consultation events, stakeholder workshops and presentations as well as clear exhibitions that engage, inform and validate local people. We believe that working with others, who often know more about both the place and issues then us, will enhance both our ability to design and the quality of the resulting solutions. We are energised by working through charettes, workshops and consultation events and have seen the difference it makes.   Notable examples are our involvement in the adopted Petersfield Neighbourhood Plan and Milford-on-Sea Beach Huts. We have also led various charettes, including 24hours to Save Winchester and, as the only invited UK architect, participated in the three day international Portsmouth Elephant Cage.

We welcome the opportunity work with you and the communities you are engaging in.