We love working with churches of all denominations to help support the local Church to deliver its mission. Our ministry is to support you in yours.

We love working with churches, helping to make sure that your buildings effectively support your mission. Church buildings can play a critical role, both in the the life of your congregation and the wider community. We believe that well designed church buildings should release church members to serve their community more effectively. This means creating buildings that align with your mission, both functionally and aesthetically. Our ministry is to support you in yours.

Buildings say a great deal about their occupants. We are therefore, committed to ensuring that the design of your project is aligned with the vision and values of your church community. We achieve this by first listening. We deliver engaging workshops that help churches define their vision and values, building consensus and establishing clear objectives for the project. This can be a powerful process that, we often find, helps advance the churches mission in and of itself.

These workshops will establish the basis for preparing a robust Project Brief and importantly, will help your church community engage in the process of change, building greater awareness and the necesary consensus that helps church leaders to move forward with confidence.

Once we have properly understood and defined your requirements we are able to help you explore alternative strategies for delivering the project. Our Feasibility Studies test alternative options and ensure that the project sets off in the right direction.

As Architects and Project Managers we can support you throughout the subsequent design and delivery process, guiding you through the entire project. Our team has the expertise and professional experience required at all stages of the project, including Concept Design, preparation of Planning Applications, Technical Design and Contract Administration of the project on site.

We help churches to unlock the latent potential of their buildings. We are also able to advise you on how to unlock potential financial value from your assets and have experience of supporting churches to finance new church buildings through innovative enabling development. This can help you create a viable business case, often at no cost to the church.

Designing a great church building requires both ability and sensitivity. Snug is led by three Christian directors from three different denominations. We love and understand the local church and would welcome the opportunity to support you and your church community.

We have experience of working with all types of churches on everything from historic Garage II Listed buildings to modern new builds and even churches in warehouses. In each case we seek to align our proposals with your mission and values.

Breathing new life into the church

If you are looking to extend, amend or even rebuild your church building we would love to help. Please call one of the directors who would be happy to discuss your plans. There is no cost for this initial advice.

Attention in the details