Church Projects

We love working with churches of all denominations to help support the Church deliver its mission. Our ministry is supporting you in yours.



New Build Churches

Access and Entrances



We love working with churches, helping to support you in your mission. We can support you throughout the development process, guiding you through the entire project.

We can support church leaders and members through the process of refining your vision, developing your project strategy and both designing and delivering your project. We understand that the process of delivering a new building is closely connected to your wider vision and mission. We regularly deliver engaging workshops that help the whole church community engage in the process of change. Our workshops build consensus and enable confident decisions to be taken by church leaders. We run workshops that help engage the wider church, building vision, consensus and support for change. Once the project brief is defined, we provide both Project Management and Design services providing you with a project partner who will stand alongside your church throughout the development process.

Snug is led by three Christian directors and we recognise that our ministry is supporting you in yours.