We won't tread on your dreams

In yesterday's copy of The Sunday Telegraph, an interesting article on the latest Grand Designs series noted an important lesson Kevin McCloud has learn't after 14 years of working with people building their dream home - 'it is dangerous to tread on peoples dreams. Building one's dream home, be it nest or castle, is to obey one of man's most primitive instincts.' At Snug Projects we would totally agree. The relationship between architect and client is not always an easy one but at the heart of it is a recognition that this is the clients project, it is their dream home and ultimately the client is always right. Our job is to help them make an informed decision. You will struggle to find a house style across our portfolio. That is because our work is as eclectic as our clients. We are proud of that variety. I hope it is evidence that we take listening to our clients seriously. We try hard not to step on their dreams.