The Wall - Please vote

We are delighted to have been long listed for The Wall, an international RIBA design competition to build a national Christian landmark that celebrates answered prayer. After 13 years of hard work, and no doubt many answered prayers, the project is now becoming a reality. The longlisted entries can now been seen at the links below.
We would love you to take a look and, if you felt inspired, to cast a vote and 'like' our entry. We would truly love to win this one, that is certainly our prayer. The judges have extended the deadline for voting to 23rd January and allowed us to go public on our designs. The shorted designs will be announced on the 7th February at an event in Westminster.
Find out more on the wall and get involved at
Our entry seeks to create a place where believers can gather to pray. More than that, we have sought to create a living wall, alive with the prayers of those who will visit and those whose prayers that are tweeted in, triggering a multitude of lights that transform the wall into a physical embodiment of the life in the Church.
Our concept is for a wall made of 1 million bricks, donated from across the regions. Together they form a powerful reminder of our unity, one in Christ, forming a single continuous surface without or end. We achieve this through the use of a Möbius strip, creating a continuous loop of wall that allows visitors to process through a triumphant arch, the gate beautiful, before encircling the wall, bricks arranged to represent prayers of praise, confession, supplication, etc.
At the centre is space for many thousands to gather and, we believe, become host to great gatherings of the faithful.
Although beautifully simple and pure in form, it's twisting arch will rise dramatically but in harmony with Britains rolling landscape. It is both gentle and dynamic, secure yet open and inviting. It's form focuses up, in and out. We hope it will not only represent one million answers prayers but also inspire future generations to pray.
If you felt compelled to pass this on, that would certainly be much appreciated.