The big squeeze

Space is one of our most precious resources. According to the RICS the average new house today is 30% smaller than 100 years ago. This may be inevitable as land runs short but is it a problem? Snug Projects has always been passionate about making the most of limited space. Mies VaDer Rohe famously stated 'less is more' when refering to simplicity in architecture. Claiming that less is more may be unrealistic but we certainly believe it is possible to do more with less. We regularly deliver great places to live that are small. If the 'big squeeze' is to succeed, and the quality of our homes is not to decline, creativity and design quality will become all the more important. Attention to detail matters all the more as the space available reduces. If we must build small we must equally invest in good design. The image above shows the plans for a generous 55m2 one bedroom semi detached town house with parking and a covered outside space. All that was accomodated on a 5m x 10m plot. The constraints added to the quality and desirability, demonstrated nicely when they sold for 50% more than the banks surveyor predicted!

One of our many snug design moves is 'borrowed space'. This requires an intimate awareness of the site and a willingness to create a site responsive and bespoke solution. It is those who try to use generic designs to build small that we should worry about. Buildings getting smaller is inevitable as space runs out. That need not be a problem. Snug Projects are committed to achieving more with less. Small can be beautiful, small can mean more. To see more about the debate see -