Making concrete beautiful with Reckli

reckli_snug architects_milford-on-sea beach huts

Our design director, Paul Bulkeley, is just back from the Reckli factory in Herne, Germany where he was composing the artwork for the end panels to our 119 beach huts in Milford-on-sea. Here is a taste of what is soon to be caste in concrete.

Recoil end panels
milford-on-sea beach huts_snug architects

The design takes 119 objects found washed up on the beach and arranges them into a spiral taking the golden section geometry of a shell. By arranging the objects in height order and spiralling gently outwards from small to large, the shell form emerges.

paul bulkeley_snug architects

The artwork will now be turned into a reusable elastic formliner by Reckli. This will then be transported to the concrete fabricators for production and shipment to site in Milford-on-sea. The end panels will sit adjacent to each of the steps, providing a tactile and beautiful composition created from and informed by nature.