Great Public Consultation at Milford-on-Sea

Milford Beach Huts-Storm-Jan 2014-Sky News (1)

The feedback from our public consultation event for the Milford-on-Sea Beach Hut proposals is now in and makes for encouraging reading. Here is a taste of some of the comments received from the 600+ visitors. Overwhelmingly positive and constructive. Very encouraging....

My initial thought is that the consideration of other uses of the beach, not just the owners of the huts, have been taken into account.

Very impressed by the attempts to reconcile the view aspect with the views of the hut owners

Well done! - from a constrained brief it is great to see some really exciting and contemporary ideas.

I thought that Snug's achievements in a relatively brief period were very impressive and Paul's presentation of an excellent standard.

Yes, very good presentation by the architect . A good choice of options . Look very much forward to seeing them put into place.

A very forward looking set of designs ,well done .

Delighted to see that the consultants have given serious thought as to improving the sea front as well as dealing with beach hut owners concerns.

Very good open afternoon. Thank you.

A very good presentation, interesting to see the thinking that goes into this project.

I was favourably impressed with the presentation and have confidence in this team to go ahead with redevelopment as proposed

It would appear that considerable thought has been given to both the beach hut owners, local residents and also visitors to the Milford beach.

The ideas are very good. Milford traditions have been kept whilst bringing the sea front into the 21st century.

I was pleased to see the amount of thought that had gone into the outline designs, and impressed by some of the proposals which would be a distinct improvement on the old beachhuts.

Really impressed - much better than what I expected.

I was impressed and feel optimistic, not only for our beach huts but for all the general public. I think it will be a credit to Milford sea front.

In general the options presented are more imaginative than expected and if there have to be huts at all are a reasonable stab at improving what went before .

I was most impressed with the design concepts which I am sure will improve what is one of the charms of Milford. I look forward to seeing then built, so please hurry up so that we can enjoy them all next summer.

Thanks to all those who took the time to comment. Now we need to get on and deliver....