A personal reflection by the founder

Snug Architects began as Snug Projects. It started with one specific project that realised my passion for realising potential with my need for a home. The project was called 'shechem', a word that launched what would become a personal quest to build my first home and, in time, a business. The word is from the Bible and is the place were Joshua declared, 'as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.' That project and all those that have proceeded it have sought to be an act of service, to our clients, and for me personally, to God. I am passionate about our work being more than just a job and have sought to create a company that releases potential in both people and places. That is after all what architecture is all about. That first project embodied much of what we still hold dear. A desire for view, light and space while maintaining privacy. We have just completed an extension to our current home and similar concerns remain. It is a desire to capture the best of modern architecture whilst respecting context. Some years before Snug began I completed a masters thesis which sought to set out a philosophy of contextual design that respected both people and place. Today having enjoyed the privilege of designing places to live for many hundreds of people I am convinced that there is no universal solution to the creation of beautiful homes. It begins by listening to people and place before putting pen to paper.