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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Places for the Seven Ages of Man

Rob Hopkins, the inspirational co-founder of Transition Network, recently blogged on the idea of ‘The Seven Ages of Transition’, an idea based on Shakespeares famous poem. See It is an interesting concept for those of us who design places. Start your own Seven Age Places Checklist. It applies as much to a house as to […]

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Buy the Hampshire Chronicle this Thursday

The Chronicle are publishing an article on our Vision for Winchester. Subject to journailistic spin this could really start moving the debate to the next level and most importantly out into the public realm – both scary and exciting, ultimately necesary and right. Let the people consider and decide.

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The Nano House

  What can housing design learn from the Tata Nano. This is the worlds cheapest mass produced car. The Indian car manufacturer set themselves the challenge of producing a car that could retail at 100,000 Rupees, around £1,500.00. We like a challenge like that. Everyone said it was impossible and that just spurred them on to do […]

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The worlds snugest material

Now that is an amazing image. The worlds lightest material. 100 times lighter than Styrofoam. How long before we are cost effectively installing that into buildings? The material is a light because of its architecture.  Its 99.99% air and is formed from a lattice of hollow tubes. This is nano engineering that applies the same approach to […]

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A Vision for Winchester

Last night Snug Projects architects presented their vision for the future of new housing in Winchester, Hampshire. The presentation was to councillors and officers from Winchester City Council. It was well received with positive comments coming in this morning, ‘Congratulations, your presentation last night was excellent and it gets better and better! It also seemed to get […]

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RIBA consults on it’s vision for the next 5 years.

The RIBA are consulting on their vision and aims for the next 5 years. As chair of the RIBA South Planning Group, Snug Projects director Paul Bulkeley attended a half day workshop at Wolfson College Oxford to discuss what the institutes priorities should be. There was a sense that in this age of localism the […]

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Marwell Wildlife Energy Centre

Marwell Wildlife have plans to construct a new Energy Centre providing renewable energy to the zoo and a visitor centre displaying energy cycles in nature. Snug Projects were shortlisted to the last two architects following a competitive interview. Great shame we didn’t win it.

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