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Topping Out Ceremony

Friday, August 12th, 2011

As Saxon Haus nears completion the design and construction team attended the European topping out ceremony, followed by the gardens first BBQ. Topping out ceremonies are traditional on the continent as a plea to the gods to safeguard the new property and its future users. The ceremony started with an introductory speech, before a translated poem was read along with the customary breaking of a wine glass. To complete the ceremony a small tree was also placed on the roof. All-in-all an enjoyable afternoon – Let’s hope their luck continues!

Winchester Vision 2020

Monday, August 8th, 2011
Barend Masterplan 2020

The Barend Masterplan

The station business hub


Hyde 2

Snug Projects director Paul Bulkeley was asked by WINACC and the City of Winchester Trust to prepare a vision for a more sustainable Winchester in 2020. The aim was to develop a specific spatial strategy for integrating 2000 new homes as well as employment and cultural spaces into the historic city. The vision was presented to a public meeting on Saturday 6th August 2011. Paul, with the help of other local architects and second year student Olga Fiodorova put together a radical vision for the cities future. The vision identifies three locations in walking distance of  the city centre where new development could be successfully  integrated. The principle is to locate development in locations that are unloved and unnoticed, where new development would improve the cities historic setting and most importantly where people want to live, work and play. It worked….astonishingly the proposals received almost 100% public support. That must be almost unique in development history! If nothing else this demonstrates the importance  of engaging local designers with local knowledge in large scale development proposals. We look forward to seeing where things go from here.

The full presentation can be found at

A sustainable city – Winchester

Monday, August 8th, 2011

Our ecological footprint is too big


Snug Projects were asked to present a vision for a more sustainable city to Winchester Town Forum as part of their ongoing public consultation on a new Vision for Winchester. Winchester gained national notoriety when its Ecological Footprint came out as the highest in the UK at 3.6 planets required to sustain its lifestyle…. Ouch. The Town Forum’s current vision from 2001 focuses on what we would call a visually friendly city and seems to largely misunderstand what makes an environmentally friendly city. Our vision focused on Cradle to Cradle closed loops that map the city’s existing patterns of consumption. We called for a focus on changing culture as a basis for changed behaviour and promoted the power of people that feel part of something bigger than themselves. New culture, new economics, new buildings and places, new infrastructure and most importantly new values leads to new behaviour. Cities that have the humility to be faithful in the small things will soon enough make big changes. As Ghandi said – ‘You must be the change you want to see in the world.’ We left the cities political leaders to consider the success of Curitaba, a city in Brazil were public support for their mayors environmental ambitions has resulted in a city transformed and 12 years in power with a 92% approval rating. Who says hard decisions aren’t popular! Curitaba’s mayor says it best – There is no endeavour more noble than the attempt to achieve a collective dream. When a city accepts as a mandate its quality of life; when it respects the people who live in it; when it respects the environment; when it prepares for future generations, the people share the responsibility for that mandate, and this shared cause is the only way to achieve that collective dream.’

Shared Space, Winchester

Monday, August 8th, 2011

Shared Space in Winchester 

Shared Space Strategy

As part of our vision to encourage ‘walking within the walls’, we have prepared a revised transport strategy and conceptual images for how the one way system in Winchester could be transformed into a shared space. Our idea is to create a series of one way 20mph loops allowing access to residential streets. Buses retain access to the shared space whilst through traffic is moved to North Walls. This strategy balances improvements in east-west pedestrian access at key locations with vehicluar access for residents, buses and deliveries. An enlarged pedestrian priority is created. Ingeniously simple, even if we do say so ourselves!

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