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Friday, August 3rd, 2007

Scientists predict that sea levels could rise as much as 5m by the year 2200. How will this affect the coastline of the South-East? The key urban areas at risk are Portsmouth, Bognor Regis, and to some extent Southampton. There is also a large amount of rural land and other smaller rural settlements. Is it therefore feasible to protect the coastline from the threat of flooding? This study proposes that this is the case, benefiting the area by an estimated £26 billion.


Friday, August 3rd, 2007

The Urbanite Project called for creative solutions to the challenges of the 21st century office environment. Our response was to take on stress – the all too often defining trade mark of many office environments. Our solution is the BX. We created a place to wind down, clear your mind, stretch your legs, and think outside the box (from inside a box!) BX is a dynamic three dimensional team building puzzle. Flat pack planes combine to create disperate pieces of habitable furniture that combined create a continuous cube of secluded space – a continuous undulating and folded laberinth. Enter on one side, climb through – shout, sit, lie and listen before emerging ready to engage afresh in office life.

BX can be made at various scales, including a 750mm office module and a 450mm childrens version. The components are made from lightweight and robust cardboard honeycomb with a cork lining and velcro connections. Ultimately it is full scale interactive play. the inverse of stress.

Snug Shortlisted

Thursday, August 2nd, 2007

Snug Projects has been shortlisted for the RIBA House Competition. We are into the last 5 and will be making a presentation to the jury panel on the 3rd September in Bradford.

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