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Snug work placements 2017

Friday, July 28th, 2017
Over the last 2 weeks and earlier in the year Snug has played host to four work experience students; Matthew, Dan, Jonah and Anna, all from different schools and at different points in their education – GCSE and AS Level.    Each student was given the same ‘lose’ brief of creating a small off grid living pod for a quarry site in Cornwall.  The brief came from SPUD Youth Group, a local architectural youth group which a member of our team helps out with regularly.
The project allowed the students to form their own project briefs from a rough client brief presented to them at the start of the week, then work through the initial project stages and produce their own proposals, all in a week.  Each student was mentored through the week they spent with us but effectively worked independently to research, analysis, and create their designs.  A final deadline was given to the students for the end of the week to present their designs and research to a few of the Snug team, including one of our Directors – as a mock ‘crit’ or client presentation.
Each student produced brilliantly creative designs and very impressive bodies of work for the short time they had.  Most are going forward and seeking to progress with a career in architecture and we are greatly excited to see what these impressive young people come up with in the future!
Anna presenting to Amy and Matt

Elephant Cage – Part 2

Thursday, March 16th, 2017

Following last November’s involvement with the ‘Elephant Cage’ symposium, #ECage17, Richard joined a number of talented Anglo-Dutch Architects and Engineers on an invigorating and inspirational trip to the Netherlands, to reflect on the conceptual proposals for the ongoing strategy for Sea Defence along Southsea seafront.

As part of this trip Richard was able to view and talk to the original designers and engineers responsible for world renowned infrastructure projects that seek to integrate within their environment to enhance as well as protect the urban context.
It was heartening to find so many parallels with these global leaders in design and innovation, sharing many of the values and strategies that Snug has been promoting in our own work and thinking.
And of course, no trip to the Netherlands would be complete without a tour of some of the most sublime and eccentric architecture our planet has to offer! Markethaal by MVRDV; De Rotterdam by OMA; Delft Railway Station by Mechanoo and the Cube Houses by Piet Bloom to name just a few!
Thanks to @ProjCompass @ArchLokaal @arch_port  with our media sponsors the Architects Journal @ArchitectsJrnal 

Great to be back at Hillier’s

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

It was great to be back at the Sir Harold Hillier Garden and Arboretum visitor centre as part of a study trip arranged for the Civil Engineering and Architecture students at the University of Southampton. This was one of the most enjoyable projects I worked on at Hamshire County Architects and the venue for my wedding reception, so fond memories. The project has weathered really well and continues to sit beautifully in the landscape. Well worth a visit.

A cracking architecture tour of Chichester

Friday, February 8th, 2013

A museum, a gallery and a splendid carpark provided the ingredients for a cracking architecture tour of Chichester today. A very enjoyable afternoon was spent taking my final year M.Eng Civil Engineering and Architecture students from the University of Southampton around the recently completed Novium, the Pallant Gallery and equally inspiring multistorey carpark that wraps the edge of the medieval city. See – All are excellent examples of contextual modern architecture.

Goodbye SCAD

Saturday, November 3rd, 2012

This week we said goodbye to the Solent Centre for Architecture and Design at the Portsmouth School of Architecture migration event. It was an enjoyable trip down memory lane, having ourselves been involved in many of the successful design advocacy, education and arts events they have delivered over the past 7 years. Particular highlights were 24hrs to Save Winchester, Places from Spaces and the Education Partner Programme.

Well done on a job well done and bon voyage in your new adventures to Paul Grover, Mark Drury and Phil Smith. It was a pleasure to work with you.

Contextual Design Workshop in Winchester

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

Snug Projects delivered a successful evening workshop on contextual design for officers and members at Winchester City Council. The evening was facilitated by Paul Bulkeley with a series of presentations and interactive workshops supported by local architects and urban designers. This was a hands on workshop providing participants with an opportunity to explore the relationship between site context and design. There was a series of presentations on the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of site analysis, examples of best practice and an overview of the way in which high quality design is derived from context. Using this knowledge, participants were encouraged to take part in a live design exercise, working in small groups to develop an outline proposal for a significant site in Winchester. This provided a practical opportunity to engage first hand with the issues of contextual design and, we hope, proved to be an enjoyable and productive evening. Our thanks go to John Hearn for organising the event and DHUD, Design Engine, T2 Architects, Architecture Plb, Hampshire County Architects and CH Design for their enthusiastic involvement.


A copy of the presentation can be found at –

Facing up to Rising Sea Levels

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Student Photomontage - Retreat


Snug Projects have recently been working with Civil Engineering and Architecture students at the University of Southampton on developing proposals for that respond to the challenge of urban flooding. The coat line of Britain faces significant challenges from rising sea levels. This is particularly challenging in urban areas. This project required students to explore the challenges the city of Southampton faces from rising sea levels. The project involved two elements – Group research into the issues and urban design implications that led to the development of a group strategy as well as an individual design proposal that demonstrated the application of that strategy in a specific location. Students researched the issues and establish the implications for the city. From this understanding an urban design strategy was developed. This group research and vision then formed the context for individual proposals for a specific site within the wider group strategy.

Many of the schemes were particularly relevant toSouthamptons emerging City Centre Masterplan which the council are due to launch later this summer. This work showed that the city needs to look at a coordinated approach to flood protection that realises the huge potential this engineering problem offers as a catalyst for much wider spatial improvements to the city. The students grasped that dealing purely with the issue of flood protection  was only partially dealing with the issue and that a more complex approach to flood management was required, one that opened up the possibility for a new way of thinking about the cities relationship with the water. That requires bold visions delivered over a prolonged time frame that combine strategies of Retreat, Attack and not just Defend. These were mature observations for undergraduates that challenge the often fragmented and tunnel vision approach of policy makers. Facing up to rising sea levels will also represent a significant opportunity to transform the Itchen River frontage.

Student Photomontage - Attack

Cameroon Catalyst

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010


Snug Projects is providing financial and practical support to Civil Engineering and Architecture students from Southampton University. the students are designing and constructing a community centre in Bambouti, Eastern Cameroon. Working with the local community they need to raise £50,000 over the next six months and are looking for sponsors to become part of this life-changing project. If you can help please give us a ring.

Queens Park Soundscape

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

Paul Bulkeley has project managed a temporary transformation of Queens Park Southampton. The project was a joint venture between the University of Southampton and Southampton City Council, funded by SEEDA and the Solent Centre for Architecture and Design, exploring ways of transforming public space. An altered soundscape, derived from an analysis of the site, was introduced to the space and monitored. Initial results suggest the public’s perception of the park were improved.

Lecturer of the Year

Wednesday, July 25th, 2007

Snug Projects director Paul Bulkeley has been entered for the S.E.T Awards, Lecturer of the Year, for work undertaken with final year Civil Engineering with Architecture student, Criag Irvine. The work related to the design for a zero carbon out of town office building. The project involved a fully integrated solution to carbon neutrality. The Project demonstrates a viable, financially feasible, energy efficient, out-of-town office design. The design was proven to be carbon neutral, defined as a building where total carbon consumption is reduced and any remaining emissions are offset by renewable energy sources which produce carbon-free energy on site. An original graphical analysis tool, developed by the team, was used to compare the design to a generic design. The analysis produces what has been termed as the Greenprint of the building. A visual representation that uniquely emphasises a buildings increased positive impact.

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